Automatic Side Stand Retrieval System

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In India alone number of accidents takes place due to small negligence in driving. Among the careless driving comes the unretracted stand.The unretract stand causes major accidents in roads for the rider and fellow road users. There are many mechanical system’s such as pneumatics, servo motors and other component’s used to retract the stands. The existing system is having some pros and cons such as separate space for mounting and disturbance for rider.In our project the stand is retracted using the gear pedal as triggering mechanism for the retrieving of the stand there by reducing unwanted disturbance to the rider.

The stand is retracted by triggering from gear lever
Gear lever triggers the stand.
Disk and lock is used to hold the stand.
When the gear lever is triggered the lock is relieved from the groove of the disk.
By means of energy stored in the torsion spring the stand is retracted suddenly.

Gear pedal is used as a input for retracting the stand automatically
Stand is attached to the disc cam it is welded to it so when the disc rotates from the energy from the torsional spring
The torsional spring is used as a power source to actuate the disc.
When the gear pedal is triggered the follower is relieved from the groove of the disc.
By means of energy stored in the torsional spring the disc is return to its original position so the stand also retracted.


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