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CEM ROTARY CYLINDER ENGINE – Efficiency, Simplicity and High-Performance for the Next Generation of Automobiles

El Segundo, CA. – What has 6 pistons, 12 cylinders, and just 7 internal moving parts? Well, if Los Angeles inventor Eddie Paul and his elite group of investors could have their way, the answer would be ‘the CEM (for Cylindrical Energy Module) Rotary Pump and Engine.’ Mr. Paul, who received the patent for the CEM pump, compressor and engine design in 1992, announced last June that his company, E.P. Industries, Inc., had begun production on the components for a prototype CEM internal combustion engine (first-generation CEM prototype with 4-piston/8-cylinder CEM engine pictured at left). Paul’s success with the technology as evidenced by the CEM positive-displacement pump design has led to applications of CEM technology in extremely diverse fields including laser systems, environmental cleaning systems, heavy industrial oil systems, medical respiratory systems, and compressed air-foam fire suppression systems. In recognition of his ingenuity, Paul received a Medical Equipment Designer award for the development of a pump/compressor/engine module with endless design possibilities followed by Design News Magazine’s recent “Excellence in Design” award.

The now-proven CEM pump originated with Paul’s desire to build a simpler, more efficient positive-displacement pump. Positive-displacement pumps move, or displace, a set volume of space containing liquid or air during each cycle or stroke of its pumping device. This positive action occurs with consistency regardless of pump speed. Variations of the positive-displacement pump include gear, vane and piston styles. Paul’s goal was achieved with his invention of a truly advanced rotary-cylinder piston pump that features only seven internal moving components. It is unique in that its six pistons are double-ended which effectively doubles the output efficiency of each piston. Each revolution of the CEM pump’s rotary cylinder block produces 24 output cycles.

The concept of the CEM engine uses the same design and components for positive-displacement pumping; however, instead of the basic intake-exhaust cycle, every revolution of the cylinder block takes each cylinder through the four-stroke internal combustion cycle (in order of occurrence: intake-compression-power-exhaust).


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