Human Life Defendable Aircraft

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My idea is to design an aircraft in such a way that it can reduce passenger’s life risk. Let me explain. HUMAN LIFE DEFENDABLE AIRCRAFT would have two major sections. One is section with machinery including engines and another is section with living body (i.e. with Passenger and aircraft staff). In the figure you can see that the section with living body of the aircraft is attached in such a technique with the section with machinery that enables the section with living body easily detachable. If section with machinery faces any fatal defect that can’t be recovered during flight then automatically or according to pilot’s decision (manual) the aircraft’s section with living body will be detached from the section with machinery. The automatic and manual detaching mechanism is handled by a smart computer system which is responsible for real time observation of whole machinery section and also can have power to take decision for accurate action to save life of passengers and aircraft staff.
After detachment the living body section would move downward direction and parachute having with this section would be opened according to intervention of computer system at suitable position while moving towards ground or ocean. The section with living body should be leak proof so that it can float if it drops on water.


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