Intelligent Mobility System (IMS)

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In this fast and furious world, we have forgotten to introduce ease in transportation. Therefore Intelligent Mobility Systems (IMS) introduces you to applications that can solve your daily problem of movement and simultaneously help your earn money as well as reduce pollution. A combination of different products make the solution viable. The major components of the solution include smart communication between vehicles, car pooling, smart traffic signals, smart security system, smart parking, smart payment and smart mobility. No only does the solution helps you road transportation but also rail as well as air transport. The solution also helps the user save energy as well as his household bills. A mixture of Information and Communication Technology has the leading role in development of the whole product. The system combines features mobile applications and games that helps user learn about the various urban components they has been using and also motivate them towards sustainable development. The major actors of the solution combines mobile applications such as "GPCITY", "YOUR airport", "e-Quota", "ENE" and "RTS Energy System". GPCITY has derived its name from "GPS around the City", which helps different vehicles to communicate and diminish accidents, helps users in car pooling and selecting the most appropriate person for giving lift, smart parking etc. While YOUR airport helps the passengers and staffs of the airport to know more about their airport and decides the easiest and shortest path for them in airport to reduce confusion and adopt new services in large airports, it also keeps track of the passengers luggage and helps airport authority to track bags easily while transferring it. e-Quota in combination with ENE application is an energy management application and helps the end user save his electricity bills, it also combines the various utilities the user has been using and helps him optimize the use. RTS Energy System has derived its name from energy production using rapid transit system of transportation, electromagnetic induction has been the boon to the concept. Internet of Things is the moderator in all the solutions and connects the system with real time information, which helps the applications decide the role to be played by it. The whole solution provides a better outlook to the system of mobility and shall help in smart urban development.


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    Arindam Khan
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    The chaos around the urban arena and the huge confusion demands smart mobility management system and motivates me to work on developing Intelligent Mobility System. As a civil engineer I am fascinated not only to work in development of infrastructures but also in smart management and use of the utilities provided to the mankind. I look forward to more organized, simplified and educated cities.
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