Pneumatic Tire Valves

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Pneumatic Tire Valves are provided by Diverse Sales and sold commercially or directly to the US Military. These parts are used in the Automotive industry.

My Valve Pt#'s 752-03, 753-03, 718-03, 705-03, 739-03, 760-03, 762-03, and Pt# 1007 (Equivalent of Milton Pt# 1007) are all sold under FSC 2640

These parts are equivalent and/or super-cede the Dill Pt#'s. Diverse Sales Company was started in 2009 with the concept of supplying the US Military by distributing parts from AQUA (1KW06), (Caterpillar (11083), and also by making light assemblies in-house.

These tire valves now come in Cad-Plating which changes FSC to 16340's (Aerospace)

This part is sold for about a 10 - 28% discounted price when comparing to Dill Products (Formerly know as Eaton Air Products) located in NC.
I am knowledgable in all areas of this application for Pneumatic Tire Valves.

The nicest of products is the Valve, Adapter Tire Fill which is light assembly Valve Adapter (Pt# 1007) which is equivalent for Milton Pt# 1007, NSN: 2640-00-758-6274, is supplied to large places like Boeing Aircraft, Habco Industries, and other well respected Aircraft or Aviation ucompanies.


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