Regenerative Energy System

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This energy system can be used to access an energy state and transfer a type of energy from one type of energy state to another type of energy state. This energy system has absorbefacient/conductive properties which assists in the access of energy in an energy field and transfers that energy into another energy field which the internal component system then accesses that energy field for transfer into another energy state. This energy system can be used to access and assist in the transfer of an energy that has been accessed so that use of this energy can be used for powering anything that requires power or energy to function. This device has no moving parts that will wear out and/or malfunction.

You can use this energy field for different types of energy fields for access to the energy state within that energy field. This energy system comprises of an energy field that accesses another energy field and pulls the energy from that energy field into another energy field which is then absorbed by the internal component system comprising of a plurality of parts that have absorbefacient/conductive properties.

This energy system converts one form of energy, in one energy field, to another form of energy, in another energy field, for example, from one energy field, such as the quantum energy field, into another energy field that is accessed for another energy state, for example, AC or DC electricity, which can used for the running of anything that requires energy to run, such as the electronics at home or business or energy for propulsion for such things as electric vehicles, advanced aerospace platforms, aerospace vehicles such as jets or space vehicles of many kinds.


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    Robert Melodia
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    To be able to provide a device that will assist in the creation of energy to extend the time or distance a device or machine is able to run which leads to saving energy. Also, wanting to help create and innovate such a device which will help people and the environment decrease the effects of human interactions on the planet.
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