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Concept of a motorcycles for everyone, to go everywhere!
Is based on simply ideas, the ergonomic triangle lets everybody take good feeling whit the bike, ensuring whit a low and confortable sitting that even women will love the ride position.

But the motorcycles specifics comes by a motocross chassis, the result is something pretty cool and funny, more or less intuitive like a scrambler, but more powerfull and "off-roader".

The electric engine allows to transform the tank in a smart container for everyday objects, in addition to the classic side cases for long journeys.
The electric engine is endothermic engine looking like, for the more traditionalist poeple, and a transparent plexiglass shell let you see it and protect it by collisions, in simultaneous to a motocross bumper.

A light structure let the wind flow to the engine to refresh it, and protect you from atmospheric elements.

There can be also a possibility for the object you take in the "tank" (helmet after parking, why not?) to get a little refresh, bacause the two "arm" that go from the tank to the front of the bike let the wind flow from the front to the tank, avoiding a completely close case, especially in movement.

The form of these arm is like this because otherwise the air resistance will be increased too much for the little function it must perform.

Hope you'll enjoy!

Michelangelo Bondini


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    Michelangelo Bondini
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    adventure's spirit and my personal desire to take the motorcycle everyday
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