HYXION Motorcycle

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The mobility area is changing.

Last mind-set and environmental evolutions gave us the opportunity to develop new technologies that will help preserving the earth and master natural resources’ consumption.

In one hand, key topics are pollution and noise aspect. On the other hand, motorbike pilot is looking for SENSATION and PLEASURE, with small margin for compromise and it is a good way for the innovative compact system.
This market is open to develop tomorrow’s product.
Our goal is to develop an electrical racing motorbike and to manufacture it.

THE HYXION is the name chosen for this project using 150 KW fuel cell with 700 bars hydrogen storage. Challenge is to reduce dimensions of this system. Weight/power ratio (1.2) is optimized and dynamic stress is recovered by an X-shaped chassis.

Our goal is to have the best answer to environmental issues, so we propose to use our expertise and our works on biocomposite materials to realize structural parts such as X-shaped frame as well as all secondary components. Our competencies and our knowledge in aeronautics and automobile areas are an asset for this project.

This challenge is a tool to be a pioneer on compact “green “mobility.

Thank you for your contribution to this development by voting for it. Feel free to contact us to bring your technical or your financial contribution.


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    David Hardy
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    VESO Concept
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    we use the Femap/Nastran as analysis numerical tool and Solidworks as Design tool for the moment.
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    SolidWorks PDMWorks Enterprise
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    Design office for the transportation
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    All vehicles : Earth, Space and Ocean
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