Producing Current Using Magnetic Repulsion Force

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* Our aim is to produce electric current using the magnetic repulsion force.
*The major disadvantage in electric car is ran out of electric charge in battery in few miles.
* To overcome this problem we need to charge the automotive battery in motion.
* Using the generator motor we are producing the electric current to charge the battery.
* South and south or north and north poles of a magnet repuls each other respectively.
* By converting the linear repulsion motion of a magnet in to a rotational motion we are able to charge the battery.
* Same pole super magnets are fixed to a round disc which is connected to the generator motor.
* When the same pole super magnet is bring near the disc due to repulsion force the disc starts to rotate in its axis.
* Generator motor is fixed at the central axis of the disc. When the disc starts to rotate the generator will produce electric current.
* The generator will convert the mechanical energy in to electrical energy and charges the battery.
* Thus the battery is charged while the vehicle is in motion.
* This concept also suits for all electrical applications.


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