Green cooling and Energy Regeneration in Vehicles

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Executive summary:

1. Low Consumption cooling and Energy Regeneration from AutoLPG; CNG and LNG respectively.
2. Priority area: "Healthy individual". Negligible Emissions Green Cooling and Energy Regeneration
3. Names of Indian partner institutions: A) Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. (· ); B) Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur ; C) Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry FICCI; (

4. Names of US partner institutions: Invention Awarded by IC² Institute, The University of Texas at Austin, U.S.A + Lockheed Martin Corporation, U.S.A, Bethesda, Maryland+ Indo-US Science and Technology Forum.

5. Contact information of nodal Indian & US Principal Investigators:
· Title Of Invention :"a novel refrigeration and air-conditioning system"
· Patent Granted :227851 ;Application No: - 2094/DEL/2006
· Feasibility Validated by The Indian Institute Of Technology, Kanpur

6. Executive summary Complete snapshot of the project:
Technology Summary:
(A) AutoLPG fuel is supplied in liquid form and used in gaseous form. It comprises of Propane and Butane as main constituents , which function as very high quality Hydrocarbon refrigerants. Liquid AutoLPG fuel extracted for combustion in the engine through a vaporizer and changes state from the liquid to the gaseous .

This cooling is "Joule Thompson Effect". Invention Targets Cold extraction from Net Enthalpy Change of Compressed AutoLPG provide cooling @ 92 Watts/ Kg. with negligible operational fuel consumption and undesirable Emissions. Cooling efficiency = 95%, compared to conventional cooling efficiency = 36%.

Our work, scrutinizes following applications of cooling energy in the AutoLPG fuel as under: -
(a) Vehicular Air Conditioning
(b) Supercharging of Internal Combustion Engines by Intercooling/ Air-Precooling
(c) Mini-Refrigeration applications in AutoLPG vehicles.

What problem it solves:-
· Provides minimum 200 Watts of Green cooling in AutoLPG vehicle having mass flow rate=0.6gm/sec; adds 12% to A.C. cooling (+) Provides above benefits
(B) Similarly in CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), fuel supplied at 200 bars and used at 2 bars pressure. The pressure drop of 198 bars is targeted provide potential captive energy “Energy Regeneration” of 192 Watts per Kg. CNG decompression. Provides no emission Energy Regeneration in CNG (compressed Natural Gas) driven vehicles. Provide Value Addition Cooling and Energy Regeneration with enormous "product cost recovery potential".
· Benefits of these capabilities and features:
· Unique capabilities and features: Provide (a) Negligible Fuel consumption Green cooling; (b) Provide Energy regeneration in CNG vehicles from pressure drop of 200 bars. (c) High Product Cost recovery (d) “Save Money and Environment + Get Value Addition with green cooling” (e) Negligible Emissions (f) Hardier products.

· (B) Fundamentals of proposed business: India alone consumes 0.3 million MT/annum AutoLPG and 1.0 million MT/annum CNG–
o Innovation Targets Existing market size of 1.5 million & 0.1 million AutoLPG and CNG vehicles added per annum. Above mentioned projects an Annual business plan for sales of 100000 units.
o Annual Financial savings for end Users in India alone; savings in fuel consumed for cooling.
o Annual Emission reduction for India alone; CO2 (+) Carbon.



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