DASY X-Engine

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DASY X-ENGINE - the best engine configuration for 4-stroke diesel.

Double-Acting Scotch Yoke X-Engine (“DASY X-Engine”) - a new engine configuration for practical applications including stationary power, marine, locomotives, aircraft (planes and helicopters) and automotive (sports cars, luxury cars, trucks). The DASY X-Engine is superior to the V-engine and in-line engine configurations for fuel economy, performance, NVH, package size, weight, durability, reliability and cost while offering an engine OEM the capability to span a 4:1 ratio for displacements using a single bore/stroke for X-8, X-12, X-16, X-20, X-24 and X-32 engines. Currently 3 US patents, one UK patent.

Mr. Diggs is an innovator and implementer of new engine technologies including the “Dual Lifter Valvetrain” (US Patents #7,617,807 and #7,418,936) which is the state-of-the-art for diesel valvetrains and is used in the high-volume production Ford 6.7L Powerstroke V-8 Diesel. The DASY X-Engine is now covered by two US patents and one UK patent. Mr. Diggs also does consulting for mechanisms and structures including invention, design, CAE optimization, and detail design development and testing


Improvements over existing piston engine configurations (V-engine, In-line, Flat): 

* best power/weight ratio and best power/volume ratio of any diesel-capable engine configuration
* better fuel economy & performance due to lower total engine friction, sinusoidal piston motion, other reasons.
* best NVH of any piston engine configuration having perfect balance and smoother torque delivery
* stiffest, strongest & highest frequency cylinder block of any diesel-capable engine configuration
* most desirable package shape: box-like
* lower variable cost: 39% fewer parts in engine bottom end; simpler-smaller cylinder block, crankshaft, pistons.
* block half casting for X-engine is approx. 60% lighter than comparable V-engine cylinder block casting
* best power capability of any piston engine configuration due to being scalable from 8 to 32 cylinders
(the DASY X-24 has a 6-pin crankshaft, DASY X-32 has an 8-pin crankshaft).
* compared to the con-rod mechanism, DASY has 60% lower unit bearing pressures in the cranktrain.
* better reliability & durability due to having a much stronger cylinder block, lower bearing pressures, lower
crankshaft loads (bending and torsional) and oil-injection onto every bearing surface in the cranktrain on every
engine cycle for all speed/load conditions because DASY has both inertia-induced and pressure-induced load
reversals – whereas the con-rod system, conversely, can incur unidirectional loading at low-RPM/high-pressure
operation which denies oiling of the piston pin and big-end bearing.

Promising applications for DASY X-Engine:

* large diesel (and SI) stationary power applications (all) 400kW - 50MW
* large diesel marine propulsion (diesel-electric, direct-drive, Z-drive, L-drive, Voith-Schneider)
* diesel locomotives
* diesel military engines (tanks, etc.)
* automotive diesel X-8 and X-12
* marine outboard diesel and marine stern drive
* diesel aircraft engines (airplanes and helicopters) 400hp – 6000hp


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