Trackless Multi-Dimensional Ride Vehicle

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A design concept for a trackless multi-dimensional ride vehicle. Using four independently controlled wheels this system will be able to simulate a vehicle out of control all while being in complete control of the system.This is accomplished by a base that can move in any direction and rotate. This is combined with a 3-axis platform that can move in the vertical space as well as pitch and roll. There combine for a six-DOF system that could be the next big advancement in theme park technology.

Today most rides that are present rely on a track to guide them though an attraction. This limits how the space of an attraction can be used. As well, the trackless systems that do exist now lack any sense of dynamic motion or speed. There are currently trade-offs that must be made when designing a ride system. However, this design allows for the best elements of both systems to be combined to create a new level of thrill and immersion.

Trackless is the future of dark rides since they do not limit the way a vehicle can move through the attraction, it can allow for the path to be changed, randomly generated and allow for interplay between multiple coordinated vehicles.


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    Scott Jagolinzer
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    I love theme parks and the technology that goes into them. Being from Florida I am exposed the some of the best technological advances in theme park attractions. It is my ambition to one day design and build such attractions in the industry.
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