4 Wheeled Micro Car

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In this world where traffic can get into your nerves and stress your life out from work to home, we decided to build a car which can be individually used to travel from your workspace to home with just one person in occupancy and their luggage to reduce traffic and also ease to travel around. Our main objective was to conceptually design and fabricate a 4 wheeled single seater micro car. We initially wanted to build a small car that would be suitable for a city like Bangalore to ease traffic congestion. The car we built has the shortest Wheelbase in the World, that is only 47 inches, which is 3 inches lesser than the world’s smallest car that is the peel P50 that has 50 inches wheel base. The car was fabricated using, an auto rickshaw engine and 7 different automobile parts and sports a reverse gear. The car was found to weigh just 162kg, and built at an economical budget of Rs 28,000. The car was fabricated in 2 months by us working 14 hours a day. Running on a petrol engine giving a economy of around 35 to 40 this is the best things the streets need.


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    Anjum Naveed Pk
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    Anjum Naveed Pk
    Ayman Ataaz
    Prajwal Kl
    Sachin Pinto
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    We have believed in innovations and always wanted to do things out of the box. Also planning to get this car commercially available and present to the world.
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