Fingerprint Starting System

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Finger Print Starting (FPS) system is a revolutionary innovative starting system in two wheeler where the usage of keys can be avoided. Since the invention of the two wheeler there are lots of advancements in bikes (example: fuel injection, tubeless tyre etc,) except the keys. Almost every vehicle requires key to start them and these keys are made of metals and we need to insert them in the keyhole and turn to start the vehicle.The main drawback of using such key is that they can be reproduced easily by which any one can access the vehicle which leads to theft. By this system we can reduce the hassle of carrying keys and fingerprints are unique to every person so that authorized access becomes possible. A finger print scanner can scan and processes the given input fingerprint. There are previously stored fingerprints in the scanner and it compares it with the input fingerprint. If both of the fingerprint matches then the circuit gives power to the starting motor by which the vehicle starts. In this fingerprint scanner we can store up to one hundred fingerprints so that friends and relatives can also access the vehicle.


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    Ganesh Srinivas
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    Ganesh Srinivas
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    There are lots of development in the two wheeler expect the key and the two wheeler thefts are increasing day by day.
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