Prevent Death, Injury, Damage of Car from Road Accident

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There are many adults and children who have died in car accidents. Also many are handicapped for life. Many improvements are present to prevent this occurring in small passenger cars. But when this car strike in high speed with any car/goods vehicle or a big tree then the passengers are either dead or injued. Seeing this occur I thought a jubilant idea to prevent death, injury and car damage for accident. Using my innovation it is possible to reduce the number of deaths and injuries from car accidents. lt may be reduced by 95% -100%.

ln this system two angle (iron) will fit up-on the chassis in front of car (fig-1/A). Then three or more spring will fit with this angle's outside (fig-1/A ). Except it two another angle will fit beside the front of chassis (fig- 1/B).Three or more spring will fit at every angel's outside. (Fig-1/B).Front net (fig-1/C) (the part is fitted at front of engine and bottom of bonnet ) and bumper(fie-1/D) will covering this springs. The spring must be strong as need. lt also can fit by another process.

The another process is :- The spring fitted angle may fit at outside of front net and bumper. ln this sector extra 3 to 5 pics. iron plate will fit by parallel with bumper at outside of spring fitted angle (Fig-2 ).

ln those car engine is installed on front position from driver cabin , how those car are damage and how death are occur by an accident?
When those car run in'high speed and strike with another car/vehicle or a big tree, then speed is barriered suddenly. For this reason body of car is broken and those broken part create pressure to driver and passenger and it occur injury even death due to bleeding and other reason.

What is advantage for angle with spring?

For fitting angle with spring ,if the car strike with another any vehicle or tree the speed of the car will be not stop suddenly, some speed will stay at this moment and when the car reach near the angle (where spring are fitted) then spring will create pressure to words the car. Thus the car will stop fully without occurring death and injury of passenger and a little damage of car will create for this accident.

This system is suitable for all item of car/vehicle and the system workable in back side of car to prevent accident from another car's strike.


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