Multi-powered energy efficient cycle

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Nowadays, many engineering concepts have come up with bright ideas, but the common people cannot handle the financial assistance for bringing them to reality. We designed a multi powered cycle which is very low cost and can run by pedaling and solar powered sources. It is a two seater vehicle the chassis is very simple in construction and it is designed in such a way that it bears all the impacts during collision.

Chain drives are used where a definite velocity ratio is required. Chain drive is a positive drive because the slip in chain drive is negligible. The efficiency of chain drive is about 96% to 98%.

For transmission we used an intermediate axle to transmit the power from the driver to the rear wheel. 4 sprockets are mounted on the axle in which 2 sprockets are connected with the manual drive sprockets,1 with the motor drive sprocket and the other with driven rear wheel sprocket.

To maneuver a vehicle, we need a steering mechanism to turn wheels.
A steering system begins with the steering wheel (or) steering handle. The driver’s steering input is transmitted by a shaft through a gear reduction system, usually rack-and-pinion or recirculating ball bearings (or) some mechanisms can be used for steering arrangements.

The output of this gear (or) mechanism goes to steer ale wheels to generate motion through steering mechanism.The lever which transmits the steering force from steering column to steering linkage is known as pitman arm.The direction of each wheel is controlled by one steering arm. The steering arm is attached to steerable wheel hub by a key way, locking taper and a hub. In some vehicles,it is an integral part of one piece hub and steering knuckle.

In general brakes are used to control the speed of the vehicle; they are seldom used for sudden braking which may cause the vehicle to nose-dive. We have decided to increase the CG height by around 20 inches to increase ground clearance and improve driver comfort; hence greater pitching tendency is expected.

We are using non hydraulic brakes because hydraulic brakes form a compact structure and they gave high power .we don’t need such high power brakes and these hydraulic brakes are costlier .by using non-hydraulic brakes we can able to look the wheel and the design is simpler
We are using disc brakes on front wheel because
1. Better cooling.
2. Less susceptible to contamination from mud and water.
3. Less and ease maintenance.
4. Less friction losses.
5. Efficiency of breaking is high.
We are using brake calipers for the rear wheel they can be able look the rotation of the wheel

Voltage:-24 Volt
Power:- 400 Watt
Weight:- 3.15 lbs

The vehicle runs according to the power supplied by the motor by grabbing the solar energy but whenever there is insufficient availability of solar energy, we can run the vehicle by pedaling.Other thing is that one person can handle the steering and two persons can pedal it.


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