Hybrid Motorbike

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We have seen Hybrid cars being developed by various OEMs. As an innovation, for developing market such as India, 2-wheelers / motorbikes having the bigger market share, I did my final year bachelor's project on Hybrid Motorbike. I believe, coupling a standard gasoline engine with an electric propulsion system (similar to a Hybrid car) would be beneficial to the environment from these developing economies. This is because the overall emissions would reduce, engine performance would increase, and also the constraints of a limited driving range for a purely electric vehicle would be overcome.

The systems can be further optimized for city/expressway modes of operation, which would result into respective performance specs. All these, with modern day smart technologies of navigation, anti-theft, performance display for better connectivity to users would only enhance the user experience.


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    Shalv Shah
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    Harshit Gandhi & Ujjwal Patel
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    Environment, Market Needs, Sustainable Development.
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