Design and Development of railways using quantum levitation

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In this railway system we will have a magnetic track which consists of NdFeB block magnets. They are permanent magnets and will create a magnetic field in a direction perpendicular to the track and NdFeB magnets have a property to exhibit the unidirectional magnetic field. This was about the tracks, next comes the train. The whole train will be fixed on a plate, which will be made up of YBa2Cu3O7 (Yttrium-Barium-Copper-Oxide).This material has been chosen because of it's highest critical temperature(93k).This plate needs to be supercooled, this super-cooling is done using the flow of liquid nitrogen on the plate.Liquid nitrogen will cool the plate till 77k which is below 93k.Liquid nitrogen can be provided on the track using wide pressure range flat fan spray nozzles. Flow of liquid nitrogen can be controlled by microcontroller AT89C2051.For that the track has been specially designed whose image has been uploaded.The track will have holes throughout the sideways of the track to take back the excess liquid nitrogen while they are required and take back all when not required.In the figure on work holes are those when the slider is down and which takes back the excess of nitrogen and the off work holes are those which will be active when the slider is upward all the nitrogen will get back into the tank when liquid nitrogen is not required. Due to Meissner effect the train along with the plate will get levitated. And will be vertically locked then a small push will lead the movement of the train. This will give a breakthrough to the railways. This will have many other benefits.

- Reduction of noise is 78%
- Reduction in emission is 82%
- Reduction in friction between track and wheel is 100%
- Two trains can run on the same track at the same time which doubles the efficiency of track
- Initial cost is high that too just because of magnets all other cost is negligible like liquid nitrogen costs only Rs5 per litre which is conserved and more over operation cost also reduces.
- Defects like plastic deformation and Wear and other surface damage mechanism of the track reduce to zero.
- Speed of Quantum levitated train can increase up to three times the current speed of trains.



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