Regenerative electromagnetic braking system

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The proposed project presents the use of electromagnetic energy in order to substitute the conventional hydraulic braking system and all of its parts made using pollutants materials.Originally well oriented to electric vehicles, can be adjusted to be used into conventional automotive cars or hybrids vehicles.

Braking system is composed by a small dispositive of electromagnetic braking with thermoelectric generator based on Chains of Foucault theory, static electricity and electrical conductivity.

Already used in railroad industry, Electromagnetic Braking systems can be optimized and downsized to be used in automotive industry increasing up recyclability rates and automatic brakes efficiency when controlled by ECU and/or autopilot systems.

There was the technical and functional viability of the system through mechanical solutions presented in this project, winning the small space availability, and directing the high degree of thermal energy produced during the system usage, which was a disadvantage, to the regenerative systems to storage and reusing for the own brake system.


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