HitchonPost Personal Transportation Device Hauler

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HitchonPost is an accessory that attaches to a standard Class II, III and IV hitch receiver on any vehicle. It provides a more secure and convenient means of carrying a personal transportation device (PTD) such as an electric wheel chair, scooter, Segway or similar device without the need for large, expensive and cumbersome lift, ramp or trailers.

The weight capacity of the HITCHONPOST is limited to the capacity of the vehicle hitch which is nominally 350 lbs for Class II, 600 lbs for Class III and 1,000 lbs for Class IV. This weight range addresses over 95% of all vehicles and PTD combinations.

The HitchonPost connects the vehicle to the PTD and then lifts the PTD into position using an acme screw attached to a connector that connects the vehicle receiver to a receiver in the PTD. A range of construction options include a very low cost manual model all the way up to a fully autonomous model that will automatically attach and unattach itself without human intervention for the more physically impaired. The HitchonPost may include automatic charging connections for charging the PTD batteries and it includes locking the PTD automatically to the vehicle for greater physical security.

Today, powered wheelchairs can be very beneficial for disabled veterans or elderly persons but these devices need to be taken with the user when the user leaves home. Trailers, ramps and lifts are expensive, cumbersome and they provide little security. There needs to be a quicker, lower cost and easy to use method for bringing the PTD along that does not require a lot of help and effort. Modern parking lots do not accommodate vehicles with trailers in tight parking spaces. Even small ramp space is a premium.

The HitchonPost is a simple solution that takes up virtually no storage space and it can be used with just about any vehicle using a readily available standard hitch receiver. The major requirement for its use is the addition of a HitchonPost receiver to the electric wheelchair or other item that is being brought along. It can even be easily attached to rental vehicles if they have a standard receiver.

HitchonPost helps those that need help the most. It is more convenient, lower cost and effective in doing its job than anything available today. With a growing population of PTD users, it serves to replace the many previous solutions that are not cost effective or easy to use. One major improvement is the integrated locking system that protects the PTD from theft when it is in the transport position.

HitchonPost is a product that is simple to manufacture with existing technology and simple to use. It is easily integrated into the design of existing PTD's without significant cost increases. Furthermore, it is flexible and versatile so it can be used to carry luggage, tools, etc. with an appropriate device connected to it.

HitchonPost makes bringing along an electric wheelchair as simple as pushing a button on a cell phone.


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