shark wheel

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It is the intersection of a cube and a sphere, a three dimensional sine wave, a pattern found all throughout the world. At high speed a traditional wheel suffers from the effect known as “speed wobble” which causes the driver to lose control and the damage could not be controlled at such a high speed.

The effect is greater and there is no recovery to stop the wobble, when once it sets on.The alternating pattern of the shark wheel produces an alternating center of gravity and reduces the loss of control.

Unlike a traditional wheel that has a single point of contact, the alternating pattern of the shark wheel produces a broad, flat contact patch and produces absolute stability along the vertical axis.

A normal wheel has one defined center point and wears unevenly under friction, whereas the shark wheel has a constantly changing center point and is marked as 540 degrees.

It offers a lightning fast ride, more slide control, and better grip through rain and rough terrains.The design allows for a thin contact patch touching the ground and therefore less rolling resistance, resulting in a quicker ride.

The alternating pattern equates to increased control as the width is increased and hence the friction decreases. The sine wave pattern provides superior lateral grip.

The rounded outer edges allow soft terrain to pass around the outside of the wheel smoothly providing more aerodynamic functionality.

Automobiles pose a much tougher technical challenge , they require extremely compact, high energy wheels that can be mass produced for a reasonable price.


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