Electric Vehicle powered by g-EN CO2 engine with no range limitation

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The adoption of EV (electric vehicle) to replace ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicle is being discouraged by range anxiety because its battery power takes very longer to recharge compare to 5 minute in filling up the gas tank of an ICE vehicle or worst, it may not even find a charging station.

Some EV has an onboard charger but is powered by an ICE. That defeats the idea of stopping greenhouse gas emission which is being choking the cities.

g-EN CO2 engine is powered by ambient or waste heat as low as 0 degree C. It uses very cold CO2 to harness the low grade heat in a closed loop cycle, converting to mechanical power and generating the electricity. It is compact, portable, scalable and better power to weight or size ratio than an ICE. The main component is the special design rotary-vane motor which is easy to manufacture and maintain.

By using g-EN engine as an onboard charger, EV can move anywhere on earth without fear of no electric charging station. The inexhaustible ambient heat covering the earth provide constant energy source to g-EN engine.

The very cold CO2 when exits the rotary-vane motor is still cold, it needs to be warmed up before it can be recycled. Hence, the coldness can be used for air-conditioning in the EV, reducing demand for electricity.

g-EN CO2 engine is the holy grail of EV to replace ICE totally and stop greenhouse gas completely.



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