Designing And Manufacturing Of Quad Bike - A Revolution To Agricultural

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The Idea we intervened from the need of Farmers and Agricultural Growth of our country. The idea is to provide small scale farmers a modern age cost-effective, better & safer "QUAD BIKE" (Mini Tractor) which will fulfill their daily agricultural & transportation requirements.

Presently small scale farmers are using bullock carts for farming their fields and other agricultural needs. The problems they use to face are lack of efficiency, time consuming, labour intensive and more capital input which results in lesser productivity and their poor financial growth. To overcome these probIems  we came up with an idea to develop a state of art Quad Bike which will meet the day-to-day needs of Farmers and boost the Agricultural Growth of our country and simultaneously inflate the economic growth of the NATION.  Our Quad bike is most cost effective, technically sound and meets the following objectives:

1. Farming and other agricultural activities :- Ploughing, excavating soil, seeding, leveling of field etc. by coupling agricultural equipment. 2. Safety :-The ROLL-OVER SAFETY BAR has been provided to reduce the risk of valuable lives against severe head, back, neck and shoulder injuries in case the vehicle topples.The Quad is also equipped with IMPACT ATTENEUAT OR which works as an energy absorbing device installed forward of the front bulkhead of the quad bike to absorb energy and to protect  the chassis & driver from a sudden change of momentum experienced during an event of a collision. 3. Feasibility :-It can also be used for daily transportation needs. 4. User -friendly :- Even the handicapped can drive our quad bike easily.  5. Economical :-Fuel efficient, most cost effective, low maintenance cost and more environment friendly than the conventionally used Bullock carts & Tractors. 6. Fire Safety :-Equipped with Fire Extinguisher to avoid any casualty due to fire.  


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    Vivek Yadav
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    My design was inspired by the expensive tractors that farmer can't afford. So I decided to make a more useful and less expensive a replacement for tractors.
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    catia, shark suspension, ansys
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