Implementation Of Reverse Gear In 2 Wheeler

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t is an alteration work in two wheeler to get reverse. In this system we are using an Epicyclic gear train to reverse the two wheeler.There are three types of gears: namely ring gear, planet gear and sun gear in the Epicyclic gear train. The outer ring gear is attached to the inside of rear wheel hub of the two wheeler. Sun gear receives power from rear wheel sprocket. When sun gear begins to rotate, it rotates the ring gear in opposite direction (reverse) while planetary shaft is fixed. Thereby we achieve the reverse effect in the two wheeler. During forward motion of the two wheeler the rear wheel sprocket is directly engaged with the wheel hub and sun gear receives no power when the planetary shaft is set free. The splines are used to engage or disengage the sprocket with the hub and to make the planetary shaft at fixed and free. While comparing with other system for reverse, our system is very compact, user friendly and does not affect aesthetics of the two wheeler.


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    Vinothkumar Sethurasu
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