A Prototype of 4WD Micro Electric Vehicle with Foldable Body Design

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The Armadillo-T is a four-wheel independent drive, all electric micro vehicle, with a maximum two seats with a four golf-bag of trunk space, specifically designed and optimized for short distance city or closed route travels. It endeavors to be the solution for the lack of parking spaces and road congestion, by simply folding itself in half and enabling self-parking with a smartphone-interfaced remote control.
In addition, it can provide a solution for the people with reduced mobility with a personalized public transportation by connecting different modes of public transportation or specific closed route applications of traveling or tour visiting, etc.

Key features of the Armadillo-T:

A. Foldable body
The design of “Armadillo-T” prototype is based on the distinctive characteristic of the animal Armadillo where it rolls up into a ball when it is faced with predatory threats. Like the animal, Armadillo-T enfolds its rear body away, shrinking to almost half its original size (from 2.8 to 1.65 meters) and weighing 450 kg.

B. Nomadic device interfaced remote control
All the functions related to the remote control are linked and activated through X-wire (an electronic connection system). The various functions include: changes of location of the vehicle, fold/unfold action, and driver-less 360 degree turning, etc. The smartphone is also able to communicate with a Window-based computer system and thus enables self-parking.

C. Four-wheel independent control with in-wheel motor technology
In-wheel motor technology eliminates a separate motor room which enables the folding body design while keeping the most reduced aerodynamic resistance and the most desirable and attractive design of the vehicle. The vehicle dynamic stability can be enhanced, especially when interacting with neighboring large vehicles.

D. No side-mirror
Equipping with inside display for drivers, mounting digital cameras instead of side mirrors, the surrounding object detection can be easily monitored. And it opens up the opportunity of digitized object detection for driver warning and potentially safe autonomous vehicle maneuvering and self-operation.

E. Enhanced energy efficient folding mechanism
With a unique mechanism design of folding vehicle body, the moving parts of the folding action only includes the lighter rear body part excluding heavy battery weight, which contribute minimized energy consumption during folding and smaller capacity of folding motor operation.

F. Basic performances and variants
There can be variant specifications of the Armadillo-T vehicle, as summarized in the table below, depending on the market requirement and required regulatory certification. Only EU-based vehicle classification is listed here, however, it is possible to develop the vehicle on US, Japan, Korea, China and localized EU country’s market.

G. Unique UX, Attractive interior UI and favorites
Armadillo-T has a uniquely designed and integrated cockpit build and engineering diagnostic and maintenance purpose SW architecture, based upon a single SW platform based on Microsoft Window.

F. Market Potential and Commercialization Readiness
Target customers for market analysis are made up of drivers with difficulties in mobility around congested cities, particularly relating to car parking. Thereby our target will be metropolitan areas where there are significantly high demands for micro-cars.



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    Future mobility solution through innovative design from nature, an Armadillo's behavioral motion and shape
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