Windshield Airstream Deflector for Vehicles

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Highway vehicle accidents during inclement weather due to decreased visibility, and inefficient rubber windshield wiper mechanisms.

Several embodiments are shown of a proposed system that uses a centrifugal compressor/impeller,or a mini-multi-stage turbine to draw in fresh,filtered air.
Said compressor/turbine can be driven by a belt, or exhaust turbine, or high speed electric motor.

A preferred embodiment may be a single unit comprised of a centrifugal compressor,or a mini multi-stage turbine, driven by a high speed electric motor for ease of installation, and vary in overall size as to type of vehicle the device is to be installed on.

The system is designed to create a fast moving blanket of fresh compressed air and of sufficient volume over the entire width & length of a vehicle windshield, via specially designed duct positioned just above existing rubber wiper mechanism to allow the use of wipers & to prevent rain, snow, & debris from impacting said windshield.

Said compressed air may also be optionally heated to defrost windshield & prevent ice build up onto rubber wiper mechanism.

The system may be installed on all highway vehicles, from motorcycles to 18 wheelers.

1. prevent ice build up onto rubber wiper mechanisms.
2. increased visibility during inclement weather.
3. prevent rain, snow, & debris from impacting windshield.
4. prevent headwinds from impacting windshield,thereby decreasing wind resistance, & increasing fuel mileage.
5. decrease highway vehicle accidents, thereby saving lives.
6. save money by decreasing highway & vehicle repairs.
7. system may also be installed on trains, farm tractors, ships at sea, and aircraft that still use rubber wiper mechanisms.


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