Advancement In Safety System On Modern Cars

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In this modern world the use of cars are increased due to its luxurious and comfort ride. For that a proper safety system is to be used. Currently air bags are used as a safety system in all cars. In that I have an innovative idea to replace the air bags in a cost effective manner.

Identification of problem
The problems facing in the air bags system are that the air bags takes only 1/20 of a seconds to deploy, its force can be enough to snap the neck of a passenger who has slid too far forward and another problem is due to sudden brakes applied at high speed, the sensor senses as a crash and the air bags will come out. These all problems can be overcome by this new idea.

Benefits of new approach
The major benefit of using the innovative idea is the cost reduction and the lifesaving of the passenger. The life of the driver can be saved irrespective of one’s position whereas in the case of airbags system driver’s position is vital to avoid minimal injury. Since it is a onetime investment, the cost of having new design is saved drastically compared to the existing one.

Design Improvement
In the new design, two changes are incorporated. Firstly introducing actuating motor and secondly push back seat with slight modification. The former one replaces the inflator of air bag system and later one replaces the airbags in the driver’s compartment.

This innovative system is applicable only to the front seat of the vehicle, where the use of seat belt is mandatory.

Manufacturing and Working
In this approach, it is advised to use actuating motor and specially designed pushback seat instead of using inflator and airbags. In this approach the driver seat is designed in such a way that the seat is initially inclined to an angle of around 150-160 degrees and it is made to the position of 95-100 degrees for driver’s comfort by locking the seat position as we do in pushback seats. In addition to that there is a minor modification in the seat belt by allowing it from the back side of the seat as shown in Fig 2(a)&(b).
The actuating motor is connected to the lock where it receives power from the battery through the crash sensor. When the vehicle is subjected to a crash, the crash sensor senses and transfer the power from battery to the actuating motor. This actuating motor performs the unlocking of the seat and the seat come its original position i.e. at an angle of about 150-160 degrees according to the vehicle design.

Cost Comparison
The average price of following compounds are,
In air bags In new design
Crash sensor : $30 Crash sensor : $30
Inflator :$50 Actuating motor : $ 50
Airbags : $450 Pushback seat : $100
Refitting : $450 (considering only the airbag cost) Refitting : Nil


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