ERV = Electric Recreating Vehicle

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The Critical Problem:
According to 97% of scientists worldwide, being in complete consensus that mankind MUST make some quick changes to how we live, operate and reduce the harmful emissions and byproducts we generate. This includes air & water pollution, CO2 gas and excessive amounts of trash.

The primary source of our energy is fossil fuel. Our homes and buildings account for about 40% of all energy consumed and our vehicles account for about another 40%.
Some strides are being made in Electric Vehicles but, almost all of them are very expensive. Only the top 10% of the world population can afford electric automobiles.
A high percentage of the time we drive, is single occupants of our vehicles.

The vast majority of small & large but still heavy vehicles on the road have 1 occupant.
Commuting to work and running errands could be done with lighter vehicles. Some people do ride bicycles. Some countries have achieved large populations of citizens riding bicycles, but that method is very inconvenient & uncomfortable on days of inclement weather and in very cold and very hot seasons. We need something in between open bikes & motorcycles and enclosed cars & trucks.

We propose ERVs Electric Recreating Vehicles.... we are building our production prototypes at this time. These are semi-recumbent, comfortable seating, (at about chair height), reverse or tadpole tricycles, initially built utilizing bicycle parts, with an undercarriage enclosing "TUB" and an exterior upper Enclosure. This is to be made of relatively inexpensive recyclable, remelt & reformable, thermoform plastic, as opposed to fiberglass. This body will be held on with 1/4 turn fasteners for fast easy removal on good weather days for open air use. Seats and interior accoutrements, such as arm rests, storage cavities, cup holders and the battery compartments would be molded in to the TUB. Some parts of the TUB structure could possibly be 3D Printed....such as air ducts, dash or console panels and electronics bezels.

The drive system of the vehicle would be battery electric. But because the complete vehicle, including motor & batteries + passenger weight is under 750 lbs, the size of the battery pack for a 150 to 200 mile range will be significantly less expensive.
The thermoform enclosure & tub can also have steel passenger protective beams and roll bars attached to the formed shape, so the ERV is far more protective than a bicycle, tricycle or motorcycle.

The Price Goal of these ERVs built with bicycle components needs to be in the $2.5K to $3.5K range so many more people can afford them!!
We are Planning Later versions of the tricycle to be built utilizing Motorcycle parts. These should come in the range of 1000 lbs, and cost in the vicinity of $5K to $7K.
Ultimately we envision a Quad Motorcycle, stretched and widened to accommodate two or three occupants, and the price Goal for that enclosed vehicle is around $10K.
Our last concept is a solar powered "family van" for 4 occupants at


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