HydroFoil Sailing Ship

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33 times PROFIT on $54.M investment - 87.5% LTV Fed for Nat'l Security Interest
3+ times cargo capacity to dock at ALL ports or beaches
6 times faster, full gale storm capable Hydrofoil Sailing Ships at $10M/ship

For $10M/hull @1month/hull you get 10,000TONS cargo (500TEU) + 4,000TONS hull + 120cabins - 18ft hull borne draft DWT & foil borne by NASA verified hydrofoil shape at 5mph. Propelled by "Kite Sails" at 1,500 to 3,000ft elevation. Surface winds of 10-20mph suggests 50-70+mph winds @3,000ft (http://www.altaerosenergies.com ). Sea State 10 Beaufort 54-64mph surface winds in 29-41ft waves with 10-20ft keel clearance allows 60+++mph in stabilized platform able to land C-5a wing size aircraft similar to mid-air refueling. Turbines & jet pumps augment propulsion.

Compared to Maersk Triple E on 3,400mile @18,000 TEU @25mph @$1,720/TEU @3cranes dockside = 25trips/year 0.46MTEU/year $0.78B/year or $417/TEU (no expenses included) VS Gale Wind Ship, Inc Hydrofoil Sailing Ship @60mph @8internal cranes = 120trips/year 1.14MTEU/year $1.96B/year or $166/TEU into ALL PORTS AROUND THE WORLD including Omaha Beach with 1 Tank Battalion per ship retro-fitted with WWII 16" historic turrets with SCRAM enhanced GPS shells for 300+ mile 2,700 lbs ordnance delivery. Historic turret system is only 1,000 TONS out of 10,000 TONS of cargo capability.

A USN fleet that pays it's way carrying 10+% of the world's $130T/year trade during peace, US Navy & Coast Guard front line combat ship when called, reduces military overhead, allows more social minded programs & increase GNP.

Revitalization of the shipyards by Gale Wind Ship manufacturing Hydrofoil Sailing Ships that cross the Atlantic in 2 days vs 12 for oil fueled ships. This will create 10,000 direct and 40,000 indirect jobs/shipyard for several decades.

Sailing will remove foreign oil usage and reduce carbon footprint. "Bubble wrap" type closed air-cell metal hull with a density lighter than sea water will not sink even when broken apart on ocean surface, and this manufacturing process is overall less expensive and faster than current technologies.

Since a hydrofoil ship can move at 2 times the speed of the wind and the very light “bubble wrap” molded closed air cell hull construction reduces displacement and energy requirements; 60+mph speeds are reasonable.

Some feeder container ships generate 2MW (30%) of their power with proposed kite sail (“Ms Beluga SkySails”) http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/7205217.stm

Current USN aircraft carrier deck closed due to full gale weather. Damage to aircraft on deck shown

Former USS Pegasus failure to handle open seas shown on flat water

Funding is sought to convert 2 dimensional commercial "Electroformed Stencil" mold/equipment/process to 3 dimensional "Hydrofoil Sailing Ship" mold/equipment/process. Initially, I need ~$3K for SolidWorks Premium Design software (current software is out of tech support contract), and 3 months later I will then need ~$10K for SolidWorks Simulation software (current software is out of tech support contract) to validate and refine the suggested design by simulating performance.
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