iCombimeter and iHelmet

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In modern days the use of smartphones is increasing at rapid speed. The smartphone is one of the important gadgets for people using 2 wheelers for their day to day work like marketing and sales. People need to stop the vehicle or use wired headphones to speak into the phone while driving. This proposed concept of iCombimeter and iHelmet will reduce the idle time and improve the convenience for 2 wheeler drivers.

Nowadays all motorcycles have a digital combimeter with LCD to display different vehicle parameters. The smartphone will be paired with the combimeter by Bluetooth and the combimeter communicates with the specialy designed helmet which has an embedded Bluetooth module. When the user receives the phone call to his smartphone, it will get transferd to the combimeter through Bluetooth. Once the user accept the call by pressing the button in the combimeter, the audio will transferred to the helmet speaker through Bluetooth. Mic available in helmet will transfer the user voice to smartphone.

This is a more convenient way for motorcycle users to use a smartphone and also this will always require the use of a helmet by the driver. The paring of smartphone will happen first time only and it will automatically pair from next time when the phone comes into a Bluetooth region. A rechargeable battery is used to power up the electronic modules available in the helmet. Helmet battery will be charged using a small solar panel embedded on top of the helmet. The USB port available in the instrument cluster will charge the smartphone and will eliminate the problem of charge drain because of Bluetooth ON.

Hands free operation while driving motorcycle so more convenient. Less chance for missing an important phone call.
Reduces the risk of accidents due to attending phone calls while driving.


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    Gnanamurugan Mylsamy
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    1) Growth of smartphone use
    2) Accidents because of smartphone use while driving
    The above points are the reason behind to develop this concept.
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