Electric Bike

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This report describes the process of planning, designing, fabricating and testing an electric bike. It provides the detail of the challenges of modifying an existing mechanical system to one that is based on a set of electro-mechanical interfaces that provide assists. Through designing an electro-mechanical system, with various non-human inputs and feedback channels, a major challenge was centralizing the control of the system. After establishing criteria for speed, control, efficiency, and weight, we began a process of selecting parts and developing models for how the overall system including the rider could be integrated in a way that is both safe, and easy to use.Its a personification of human efforts to terminate our dependency on conventional fuels. its running cost is extremely low (.25 Rs/Km).


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    Vipin Tyagi
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    Vipin Tyagi
    Abhay singh
    Pradeep kumar
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    creo , ansys
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    thriving for betterment of technology,
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    the problem of pollution and global warming and also the increased rates of gasoline .
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