Magnetic Repulsive Engine

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Magnetic Repulsive piston engine system and operating method for a vehicle is theoretically formulated. Basic theory for the engine is proposed and model for the proposed Vehicle is theoretically constructed with its working. It generally consists of superconductor (SC) and electromagnets for the vehicle and in theory electromagnets(EM) are substituted with natural Magnet(NM)for actuation of piston in the model. Generating electric current by means of generator which is working on a motor connected to battery will replace natural magnet to electromagnet. A filter is attached to the circuit of generator to give proper current supply to Natural Magnets(NM). A tank connected to piston is used for filling liquid nitrogen to superconductor. The excess gas from the filling process is driven through a separate chamber.

We assume that enough power is available for the vehicle. According to the Theory of Meissner effect there will be expulsion of magnet field from a superconductor during its transition to superconductivity. Here the piston starts reciprocating because of the repulsion between electromagnet and superconductor. The engine is designed in such a way that there wont be any friction in movement of piston. The movement of the piston is by means of a connecting rod attached to crank. This can be used for rotating the wheels of a vehicle and in any rotatory system. This can be used as an efficient and economically viable alternative.

Keywords- Alternate engine system, Repulsion, propulsion, Electromagnets, cryogenics, superconductor, Magnetic field


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