Limit Free Speed Route

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There are some needs of better transport routes for Eastern Europe. For the moment on the roads of Eastern Europe there is the strict limitation of speed on the level of maximum 130 km/h. This rule was set because of the old style roads that were built by the former USSR.

It is impossible to change all the roads quickly to the latest technologies.

The Limit Free Speed Route is the new type of road that will solve the tasks of fastest way for sports cars, flying cars (like and other transport. This is the thin road on the trestles (estakada) and it is placed near the old roads that could be used by the old autos.

It is the good solution to have the additional way that any driver can use for the speed of 200 km/h or 400 km/h and faster. If we can create the fastest roads this could bring the new light to the sports cars manufacturing and move all the things to the next level.

Unfortunately if we use the current technologies it is expensive and not environment friendly!

There are some good improvements that we can make for the best price:

- The better structure of the road could help to save materials,
keep its surface clean and it can even produce the electricity from the underway sun batteries.

- All of the parts that holds the road could be made from the special kind of tempered powered glass! This holds the roads cheap and easy to build for developing countries as they have enough of sand.  For the moment we just need to keep the quote on glass for such projects!

- The road will have the height of just several meters and will have not more than 2 ways - way forward and way back.  Every several miles the road will have the place for the overtaking for the fastest cars.

- The driver of the fast sport car can use the road for some money so the owner of the road can get money back.

- All parts of trestles may have LED decoration.

All the ideas are covered by open licenses.

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