Electric Supply Road (ElRoad) and Controller (NErgon C) for EV Car

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We can easily forecast that Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Electric Vehicles are fill full on the road in the near future. I think you had been experience that gasoline was exhausted during drive on the road. How did you do at that case? You are trying to contact for help to your friends, but a phone was turned off, because the battery was empty. Now you don’t have what you can do it.

1. Now you will able to experience the new concept of Smart Electric Supply Road(ElRoad). This is not the way that electric cars are supplied an electric power by plug-in machine at electric supply stations or home. This is a way that electric vehicles are condensed electric power by ElRoad for traveling on the road. This can be supplied an electricity to the your various electronic devices . 2. An electric control device(NErgon C) must be installed when you need electric power in your electric car. The NErgon C manages the electric amount and condition of electricity supplied to your electric car on the road. This can be management and control on the driver's smart phone because of based IoT(Internet of Thing). If you enter a your route before drive, NErgon C indicates the location of the charging road and that can take the amount of electricity. 3. There is applied a technology of Carbon Nanotube with advanced material and communication.
4. You do not have to spend time to put fuel in your car without fuel. In rainy day to recharge in your car, you do not worry risk of electric shock by water or any conductor. There is no need to spend the time to recharge electricity. You can enjoy a happy time with your lover at the time. When you parked your car in a parking lot your car automatically will charge and than car will automatically turn off the charging device when it done. This is a new concept of electric car charging system.


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