Computational Analysis Of A Unibody Construction For Sports Utility Vehicle

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A computational analysis is conducted to evaluate the effect of geometric features on crush behaviour. The objective of this project to modify existing frame for sports unity vehicle based on safety aspects. Reducing vehicle weight is critical to improving fuel economy, performance, size, and cost challenges associated based above requirement to full fill new frame design. Different chassis materials to reduce the weight of the vehicle, improving the vehicle power to weight ratio. Material selection also provide advantages by reducing member deflection, increasing chassis strength and determine the amount of reinforcement required. The improved frontal crash worthiness of cars necessitates new design concepts that take into account that the almost collisions occur with partial frontal overlap and under off-axis load directions. This simulation of vehicle crashes by using computer software has become tool for shortening automobile development time and lowering costs. It’s also has huge impact on the crash worthiness of an automobile. The role frame to give the proper designing of a vehicle and to protect vehicle from sudden impact. Also safety is increased because energy-absorbing deformation zones can be engineered into the Unibody. When a vehicle with a unibody design is involved in a serious crash, it may be more difficult to repair than a full frame vehicle. In this project impacts and collisions involving a car frame model is created by using of CATIA modelling software. The model will be tested on Global new car Assessment program (Global NCAP) method. This model has implied in explicit dynamics and CATIA modelling.

Comparing the results for deformation rating is more for existing frame model and conceptual design while using of structural steel and switch to Titanium Aluminide material the deformation rated was reduced for both design.
I enclosed two jpeg file one is Conceptual model and existing model


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