SpeedoMAX Electronically Control Height Adjustable Speed Bump & Entry Barrier System

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SpeedoMAX relates to a height adjustable speed bump that is designed specifically for controlling the speed of vehicles as well as an entry barrier when used for blocking restricted areas. It comprises a portable body which can be elevated depending upon the usage as a speed bump or a barrier and can be set up or removed easily.

SpeedoMAX comes with a sensor coupled onto the body and is used for tracking the number of objects passing over it. This information can be utilized for several applications such as for analyzing how busy the traffic is, for controlling a vehicle parking area, etc and the sensing means may further comprise a remote electronic receiver for wirelessly receiving and storing the tracking information. The tracking information can be redirected by radio waves to any designated location or station for analyzing or evaluating how busy a particular road is in order to determine improvement measures.

The body of the bump is modular for adjusting the elevation and has two side portions mating with a middle portion while in use. At least one jackscrew that is operable by a lead-screw is provided within the middle portion with it resting on a top node of the jackscrew, such that the middle portion can be raised or lowered independent of the two side portions by turning the lead-screw.

Raising the middle portion higher would help in order to force vehicles to slow down faster. All these can be done by a switch of the control equipment inside. And at the same time the middle portion can also be returned to its original position by pushing another switch. When being used as a barrier, typically, the more the elevation, the better is the protection of the restricted area.

Yet another feature of the invention is that the middle portion can be raised to a much higher level than the height of a speed bump, thus it is changed into a barrier to prevent vehicle entrance or exit. The height of the middle portion is substantially higher than the height of the side portions and may be embedded into the ground prior to elevating the middle portion. Such elevation of the middle portion is achievable by the jackscrew mechanism as described in the previous paragraphs. Other means of achieving a higher elevation of the middle portion is by using a pneumatic lift mechanism or any similar mechanics.

SpeedoMAX will be extremely useful for schools if installed on the roads in front of it whereby in the morning, the middle portion is purposely raised higher to restrict cars from speeding and only when everybody is inside their class, will that portion be lowered so as not to hamper traffic.

All around the world, the safety of children travelling to, from and around schools has always been an issue of concern to parents and improving road safety around schools is therefore important. As such we believed the market for this gadget would be huge in demand and always growing


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