Maximum Safe vehicle Speed Indication Based on Vehicle Brake Status and overload condition

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Problem of existing system: There is no detection mechanism of inefficient braking in the existing system. The vehicle moving with higher speed and having inefficient braking cannot be stopped within a considerable distance and time, which may eventually lead to road accident. According to research done by RASSI (JP Research India) , inefficient brakes and bad tire condition was one of the major reason for Road accidents.

The Benefit of the proposed System can be specifically achieved in following two failure cases:
1. Vehicle moving with higher speed and inefficient Braking system (this includes reduced friction between road and tire as well as reduced friction between drums /discs)

2. An overloaded Vehicle moving with higher speed with proper functioning of Brake System.

In both of the above cases the work required by the braking system to reduce the vehicle speed is less than the Kinetic Energy possessed by the vehicle, resulting in larger braking distance and loss of control.

With the implementation of Max safe speed Indication feature driver will be indicated by the max safe vehicle speed achievable, for more strict applications vehicle speed can even be limited to a safer value, so the Kinetic energy of vehicle and hence the Work required by braking system to control the vehicle is reduced resulting in acceptable and safe braking control.

The Maximum Safe Vehicle Speed Indication, considers inputs from following hardware components:
1. Vehicle speed sensor. ( Optical speed sensor is preferred for more accuracy)
2. Brake pedal position sensor

The Module Function comprises following steps:

1. Calculating the difference between rate of change of actual sensed vehicle speed and the expected rate of change of vehicle speed corresponding to brake pedal position

2. Calculating the Max speed set-point based upon the Brake pedal position and above calculated difference (to be obtained empirically on a vehicle)

3. Indicating the safe vehicle speed when a number of instances of ineffective braking is observed.

In this way the driver will be continuously informed by the vehicle speed he can attain safely.


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    Increased Number of Fatal Road Accidents of which major reason is inefficient Braking System of Vehicle
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