Rotary Engine US 7,117,839

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The advantages of this engine are that it is simple in design, easy and economical to manufacture, and has a lower parts count. In addition, it has low weight per horsepower output, it is compact, indifferent to overload and stall, and can be adapted to diesel, gasoline, natural gas, air or steam configurations.

Absence of reciprocating motion results in smooth operation and a flat torque curve because of four power cycles per revolution without intake or exhaust valves.
In this engine configuration, intake and exhaust timing is accomplished directly by the motion of the vanes in the housing turning the rotor, thereby transmitting torque on the rotor shaft resulting in efficient energy transfer. Few moving parts are needed, no crankshaft, or connecting rods, no valves, no valve cams or timing chains, no odd shape housing or transmission gears are required.

This engine configuration with the captured vanes in slots and sliding in hemispherical grooves is insensitive to operating pressures, because the vanes are pressure-balanced with a slight upward force in the dual vane configuration. Also the vanes are in continuous contact with the housing periphery.

This engine operates at any rpm, delivers higher hp/, hp/lb and mpg than conventional engines with drastic reduced pollutants in an extremely efficient and reliable operating mode.

The three-stage engine configuration, shown in the figures of the patent, consists of a compressor, combustor and afterburner. This configuration increases efficiency, eliminates unburned fuel in the afterburner and delivers additional torque.

The vanes sliding in slots and capture and guided in the hemispherical grooves are supported on both sides by half round knobs or a rolling pin which also function as a seal, and also prevent the vanes from bending eliminating friction.

This engine is a modern, powerful, low emission technology, low cost, robust and reliable, half the weight, half the size, twice the miles per gallon and less than half the parts count of conventional engines and it is free of vibration.



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