Automatic Puncture Resist Kit for Vehicles

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As the title itself conveys, the product is a type of kit which resists the puncture state of a vehicle tyre. Normally we see solution currently available in market, which works only in state of resting condition of vehicle.

My product will automatically supply air to the tyre & keep the vehicle in running condition even in case of puncture of tyre.

This product will continue to supply air in tyre after its got puncture & make a state of equilibrium with amount of air releasing in running condition is equal to amount of air supplying in the tyre.

My idea solve a condition of vehicle in which if tyre puncture happens in a vehicle then there is no need to stop the vehicle, because the product have the capability to supply continues air until it reach to the suitable destination chosen by you.

The benefit provided to driver of a vehicle that it will save time, person can reach anywhere on time, protection against sudden accidents, driver's don't need to stop vehicle at a risky areas or at night.

Currently available solution in market are only external devices which fill the air in tyre only by stopping a vehicle & after fixing puncture in tyre.

This idea could be applied to all type of Automotive, which have air filled tyres including Motorbikes, Cars, commercial vehicles.

As per my market survey modern era wants this type of solution in which they feel safe while travelling late in night or to the area where mechanics are not easily available. All major OEM's can used this solution in their vehicle as a factory fitted installation.

As explain in Image attached the product is comprises of centre air pump, flow sensor, multiple hoses (depend on no. of tyres), electric cable connector. The air hoses will connect on the tyres.

Working : Pre feeded tyre pressure data which store in Control unit will work as a brain of this system. When any of the tyre goes out of air, the sensor will sense it & pump will activate automatically & started to provide air in tyre upto the level which tyre needed & stop automatically.

Other condition in which tyre air pressure continue to reduced with a particular speed of air in running condition, flow of air will be sensed by flow sensor & it send the signal to control unit which will provide the amount of air with the same flow into the tyre, this condition will avoid the condition of tyre puncture.

Manufacturing : The products will use already available subcomponents in market which also makes it cost effective, only needed to design a specialise programme for the control unit.

The type of solution is not available in the market so this makes it innovative & unique.


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    Himanshu Dhingra
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    New product design & design optimisation solution in transportation system inspired me.
    My background includes a focused career in Automotives. Throughout my accademic career i have been into many car design competitions.
    Two product patents i have filed in recent years. At present i am working as a design engineer in Automotive interior system organisation. I am looking after design modifications & optimisation for new & existing projects.
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