2-floor Car With Concave Solar Panels For Efficiency And Aerodynamics

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The idea of the 2-floor car is based on the continuously increasing number of cars on the road and reduced available parking space. By being a compact car, it occupies considerably less space than a 4-passengers vehicle, with a building aproach that uses the airspace above. It also has curved solar panels to feed a battery connected to the electric motor, which increase surface area and the range of angles by which sunlight hits the surface; this same surface curvature increases aerodynamics of the prototype by reducing the car's drag through the air.

To my knowledge, this would be the first commercial car to use airspace to accommodate passengers, but also, to adapt a curved surface technology not only to improve efficiency of solar panels, but also to use an aerodynamics concept previously tested only in prototypes (Mythbusters).

This idea could be applied specially in countries with limited road surface and parking space, and with heavy contamination. Manufacture would use actual technologies available for electric cars at comparable costs.


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