Exhaust Collections & Processing – An Approach Toward Sustainability

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There is a lot of concern that is being expressed throughout the world with regards to the vehicular emissions, Especially the Heavy Commercial Vehicles. There of course have been lot of actions for the containment of the same. However these either have been costly or complex approaches for the users, while the Vehicle manufacturers are exercising all the efforts to make the emissions emanating from the Commercial vehicles Incl. the Buses cleaner, in this approach the vehicle architecture is getting more complex, there is anincrease in the impact of the kerb weights and the performance of the vehicles.

And in developing countries, there has been even an ever increasing rise of the Trucks & buses, owing to the rapid & increased infrastructure developments. The population in these geographies also complement the need.

On the Vehicle Compliance & legislative front there has been a lot of catching up that is being made to follow / Reach to the level of the nations who are best in the business. This mostly is done in a phase wise manner with the major & crowded provinces followed by the rural areas.

The new vehicle architecture – with all the complex technologies & gizmos to minimize the harmful emissions out of the vehicle, though is in place – the operating economics is definitely more, the acquisition cost already being more. The payback time is going to be too long for the businesses to realize profits. Also with the mandated vehicle crapping policy at the end of its service life. The business altogether turns a nightmare to the small time players, who are a major chunk in the developing economies.

In this work, there has been a new technology thought off. There is of course a major share of work that is on the onus on the Government with minimum change in the vehicle Architecture.

The Vehicle Architecture – has emission spouts on both the sides, i.e. On LH & RH. As explained / Shown in the enclosures/Appendix, the road has in built trenches on it on the LH, in Middle & RH sides - strong enough to take the vehicle load also. According to the driving direction the corresponding exhaust port gets activated & the exhaust out of the truck /Bus is directed in to the trench.

With the Bigger engines in Vogue, the exhaust pipes diameters majorly range from 3” to 6” and the exhaust pressure is high enough to gush the gas in to the trench.
The trenches are available in continuous to the road. There are blowers / Suckers placed in trench at regular places. This exhaust travels then to the accumulators, appropriately placed on the road.

These accumulators then direct the exhaust flow in to the Gas processor / Scrubber. The gas is treated here and the harmful compositions of the exhaust gas are broken down in to sub components or aggregated in to a non-harmful agents. The harmful ones which gets collected are carried & processed in a remote location.


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