Hybrid Trike

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Electrification is the most viable way to achieve clean and efficient transportation. A lot of hybrid vehicles are available in the country but all these technologies have been employed on four wheeled vehicles only. Due to unavailability of trikes and higher price of hybrid vehicles, two wheelers, more prone to accidents are in demand.

The prototype invented discloses a hybrid trike which is environment friendly, cost effective and provides new optimization results for the design and control of a three wheeled vehicle. The design provides optimum stability keeping power sources in two wheels (an electric motor integrated inside each front wheel in the front) and one at the rear (an S.I. Engine which drives the rear wheel).

I am developing a new technology named Smart Switching Technology (SST) that will provide power source switching from electric to S.I. engine at a speed of 35kmph. Since smooth running of a petrol engine occurs at 35kmph the trike automatically benefits from it, thus making it an economical vehicle. The three wheels in the vehicle help in make more traction forces if one of the wheels passes through a slippery surface, the vehicle will not slip and it is also integrated with the tilting mechanism for the stability at the turns.
I am improving the product and also looking forward to introduce super capacitor that will charge more faster and discharge slowly.

I am looking forward for investment in order to commercialize this product. Also, I have to improve the prototype in terms of efficiency and speed to later convert it into a finished good available to be purchased in the market.


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    Jatin Mamoria
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    Increase in fuel prices and two wheeler are more prone to accident so the prototype pushes the hybrid technology in trike and being three wheeler it is easy to balance but still not so stable over turns so integrated tilting mechanism helps in maintaining stability over the turns. This is the problem which is faced by maximum number of people so this helped me to create the product.
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