Smart Car Stick-ons, Plug-ins

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Not everyone can afford a new car with helpful sensors. Nor does everyone need all the fancy sensors. Utilizing cheap and simple sensors like infrared for proximity sensing. And having simple transmitter in sensors and simple receiver in automobile with LED notifications or sounds. Or a phone application. These attachable devices could be placed at bottom of your door to warn you that there is something your car door is going to hit that you can't see. Or place the device on the bottom of your rear bumper so you could be warned when your about to reverse into a high curb, fire hydrine, or ramming your muffler into a pile of dirt. Modules can be added or taken away easily. To equip the driver with more angles of perception or to equip the owner with a confidence of a secured and perceptive vehicle. These devices should not requir e any wiring. Only connection to vehicle should be removable and maybe to the on boards connector port for cpu comunications. Devices can only be paired once to detour theft of external modules. Something like the "wink". Maybe "wink" for car version.


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    Jacinto Zulueta
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