Tram-Train Freight

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It is proposed a freight vehicle able to travel on the railway and the tramway.

1 Master tram-train all deck, with two flights of ends.
There are human presence on board (driver, operators of robots)
2 - 38 vehicles 3 wheel robot
3 - 2 drone
4 - Slave flatcar tram-train for carrier vans without human presence on board

The operation is similar to the aircraft carriers and ships Marine helicopters.
The ship carries out the voyage.
Helicopters tactical transport a short distance.
Ship = Tram-Train
Helicopters = APE-R
The tram-train travels through the rail and tram town.
The EPA-R run through the last dozen-hundred meters until the addressee.

Operation in detail:
1 uploading APE-R inland terminal on the peripherys
2 uploading APE-R on the train
3 journey of the convoy towards the city center
4 stops along the way, where down the APE-R
5 every single APE-R goes to destination
6 uploading APE-R by the addressee
7 APE-R back to the tram stop and back on board
8 way back
9 the APE-R can also be carry freights from city center to out.


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