RVCR - Multi Fuel IC Engine

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RVCR is a seed-machine kinematics that has various downstream applications in engines, renewable energy power generators and utility machines. RVCR enables a feature called ‘VCR’ (Variable compression Ratio) which specially revolutionises engines. The VCR feature has been long pursed by almost all major Engine Industry Players and various ‘VCR’ Engine test models have been tested, which has established the fact empirically that VCR leads to "Multiple fuel operations capability" and 30% increase in fuel Efficiency, however these models have never been commercially viable. RVCR is the cutting edge technological solution that makes VCR Engines commercial viable. Unlike the conventional engines which use piston-crank mechanism, RVCR engines uses a novel kinematic mechanism where pistons revolve within a doughnut shaped chamber. The power transfer from burning fuel is direct and comparatively simple, light, eliminates reciprocating pistons, flyweight and crank, making engines up to 54% smaller. RVCR technology combines performance gains of rotary mechanism and high efficiency of VCR using a simplified Rotary Vane mechanism.

Unique features of RVCR engines are, wide VCR range, and Real-time setting of optimum power-to economy ratio under varying loads, improving fuel efficiency and power allocation.

Environmental Benefits:
GYATK’s RVCR technology is truly in line with the “big ideas that address today’s most urgent energy, environmental and economic challenges.” A car with RVCR engines allows multi-fuel usage thus can refuel and run on different fuels, like either diesel or Petrol or green fuel. The fuel can be switched over from one to other during operation. RVCR engines uses fuel much more efficiently and have a lower carbon foot print and further more allows use of either any fossil or Green fuels in the same engine, hence enabling a level playing field for green fuels (Biofuel, Hydrogen, Algae based fuels) to compete with fossil fuels without conflict with existing oil based economic structures.

RVCR technology leads to unhooking the economy form “Fossil fuel dependency” and freedom from demand of segregated Logistics for different type of fossil fuels. RVCR covers across industry applications from transportation (automotive, marine, aviation etc.), Energy (Power-generation), Agro sector (Tractor, standalone application) and utilities, and provides for 21st century demands of a greener machine ecosystem.

RVCR technology Credits

*Qualified for Government Grants from DSIR (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research).
**Granted Patents in 49 countries world-wide (including India, USA, Japan, China, brazil, New Zealand and 28 countries of the EU block etc.) covering all relevant economic zones globally.
***Gold medal winner at the IIGP 2013 National Competition, conducted by Lockheed Martin Corporation and Dept of Science & Tech, Govt of India, Stanford university.
****Selected by I.C. Square Institute of University of Texas at Austin for mentoring commercialisation of RVCR Technology in USA.
*****Winner GCIP 14 (Global Clean Tech Open India Program) national competition, conducted by UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organisation) funded by GEF (Global Environment Facility) through MSME ministry.
******RVCR was selected by UNIDO, as the national winner to represent India in "Global Clean Tech Open" .competition at San Francisco and Felicitated as GCIP winner.



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    Das Ajee Kamath
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    Chairman & MD, GYATK RVCR apparatus Private limited, B.E Mechanical, (Ex-Mercantile MarineChief Engineer ), Designer, Project head
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    PRO-E Creo, for CAD, Adams for MBD, Ansys Fluent for CFD, ABACUS
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    Machine Design, Flying , horse riding,
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    The simplicity in RVCR kinematics mechanism to the comparatively humungous implications it has in shaping an entire new generation of machines and product ecosystem and to cater to the need for the 21st century demand of environ-responsible products, lower emissions, lower carbon-foot print and reduced Green houses Gases, inspires me. Further more RVCR technology is a seed technology that delivers new generation machines for diversifying energy sources to renewable energy and a unified solution to unhook the economy from the current fossil fuel dependency. This environmental aspect along with the opportunity to explore novel and newer design geometries inspires me.
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    Msc-ADAMS (For MBD), Ansys-Fluent (For CFD), Abaqus (for FEA), Pro-e Croe (for modeling)
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