Ignition 360

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This model is a spark plug which is newly developed to work accurately than before (old one). It is designed to eliminate the air pollution due to unburnt air fuel mixture in the combustion chamber and also decrease the percentage of carbon dioxide and other gaseous.

It is help to prevent the detonation caused by pre ignition due to this improper burning takes place and lost the power through exhaust gases. It is keeps engine work in perfect condition at any working stages i.e idle or heavy duty. It gives a spark at in time to give boost to the fuel mix.It is gives more acceleration and power spontaneously in rapid fire action takes place to achieve to maximum fuel usage.

In previous spark plus spark takes place in only one place at a time but here it is produce in circularly around in between ground and central electrode as a flux in all the way at a time this is help to ignite 360 degrees in combustion chamber to engine work as young and dynamic performance.

It should be ignite 360 degrees to help to burn the air fuel mix easily and reduce time of distributing spark. I-360 Improve engine life and operates at low noise stops the dangerous gases. It is eliminates the porosity which is formed on electrodes.

The working
Maintain electrode gap 0.30 - 0.40 mm to jump the spark in between two electrodes by applying high voltage nearly 30k to 40 k by using plasma magnetic flux it is produce continuously with out barrier the flux with in a fraction of limited time period.

This model is easily replace it and maintain at ant working condition of vehicle. It more suits to racing cars and heavy load engine.

It should be avoid the fault of old spark plugs and it inspired by the pre ignition.


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