PolyHitch Modular Utility Products

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The PolyHitch standardized modular components can be assembled into tools or structures using, in most cases, a "Slide & Cross Hitch Pin (S&P)" assembly process. If attached to a vehicle, via the trailer hitch, the assembly (tool or structure) will be able to use the vehicle's mass as a solid anchor and, if structured properly, could also be mobile. It could also be utilized as "stand alone" assemblies in some applications.

The S&P assembly system is based on square tube components with uniformly spaced holes that slide over other smaller close-fit square tube components with matching uniformly spaced holes and use standardized trailer hitch pins (or bolts / nuts) through the standardized-spaced matching holes for securing the overall assembly/ies.

Many male component "ends" are designed to attach in a “fixed” or “180? pivot” position depending on the application and locking pin hole used.

Many female component "ends" are designed to attach in a “fixed” or “pivot” or “T” position, as well, depending on the application.

Components will also include adaptors to allow integration with standard lumber components (ie: 2”X 2”, 2”X 4”. . .).

There are 5 basic categories that the components of the system fall into:
• Hitch receiver anchor points: “H- -“
Hitch anchor points are used to connect the PolyHitch components to the vehicle for solid anchoring and/or mobility.
• Connectors: “C- -“
As the name implies, these components are used to connect other components together to create an assembly.
• Lumber adapters: “L- -“
Lumber adapters allow the customer to extend the capabilities of the PolyHitch system using standard and less expensive lumber components.
• Extensions: “E- -“
Extensions are similar to Connectors but have the primary purpose of adding length or height to an assembly as needed by the customer and their application/s.
• Accessories: “A- -“
Accessories are products that incorporate and intended to be used with Poly-Hitch's standardized modular design. Examples are but not limited to; work benches, lights / light bars, signage platforms, winches, cargo carriers, van / pick-up / trailer ramps & platforms, trailer axle shaft / springs / hitch couplers, conveyors, standing/sitting platforms, ladder steps, barricades. . .

The configurations in which these components can be assembled together are limited only by the ingenuity, imagination and engineering prowess of the customer and his/her requirements. THEN, be disassembled and re-assembled to create something new (like Lego™ or Erector Sets™) There may be additional components that will be added that fall in the scope of the PolyHitch patent based on future needs / requests of the customers.

Current prototypes are in testing with production-intent components expected late 2015.

A Kickstarter campaign is projected to launch early 2016.


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