Thunder - Rain Gear for Bikes

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On cold days, and especially on rainy days, people tend to leave their bikes at home and find an alternative mean of transportation, causing a large concentration of vehicles on the streets and people in the public transportation system. In other words, this simple change in our routine causes an increase of pollution and a great discomfort for thousands of citizens.

This behavior stems from the absence of an effective equipment to protect cyclists from rain and cold weather. Currently, the most common cycling equipment that can be used in these kind of situations is the “raincoat.” However, the method only offers limited protection in relation to the face, wrist/hands and legs.

Similar ideas were developed by people who use to use the bike every day and face the same difficulties. However, in general it is possible to note that these ideas have a functionality hampered by a poor design and a lack of further studies in a matter of aerodynamics, usability and aesthetics.

Given all these facts, this product will enable the bicycle usage even during rainy and cold days. In addition, another goal is to develop a product that is affordable for all of those who use their bicycles as a mean of transportation.

The biggest challenge in this project is to conciliate a great design with an effective protection to the cyclist without losing aerodynamics. However, with a well-designed product and an assembly system based on pop-up tents, where a complex shelter can be ready to use in just a few seconds, it will be possible to improve the experience of riding bicycles regularly, regardless of climate conditions.


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    Mateus Noro Villas Boas
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    My inspiration comes from common problems faced in our daily lives. Actually, I think that great projects are those which can help more people than its creator could ever imagine. That was one of my expectations when I was designing this product.

    But my creation was not based only on my personal experience. Various features were based on surveys taken by people from my community and college and also from feedback received in workshops where I had the opportunity to expose this project.
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    Alias Automotive and CorelDraw
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