Gemini Electric Motor & Generator

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The revolutionary and yet simple design of the Gemini Electric Motor promises to become the worlds most energy efficient electric motor and generator.

The Gemini produces optimum rotational power and torque by using Both sides of the energised coils, and it does so without consuming any additional energy. The Gemini achieves its outstanding performance by providing in its ingenious design, Three possible separate energy fields. Two fields contribute to rotational power and torque, while the third produces independent electricity from normally unused magnetic fields within the motor. The electricity generated by this third field could be used to recharge the Gemini’s battery power source or be fed back into the motor, thus reducing the energy demand from the power source. On electric vehicles this additional power generation could be used to run devices such as lights and horns. We believe that the Gemini is the only electric motor in the world today with the above features. Of particular relevance is its ability to generate power at all times while the motor is under load. Such a feature gives the Gemini an exclusive advantage over other electric motors. As a generator of electricity, the Gemini’s twin magnetic fields will greatly increase its electricity generation output.

A very exciting and interesting fact is that the Gemini Electric Motor, fitted with either Ceramic or Neodymium permanent magnets does not draw more than 27-30 amps, even under heavy load. If the loadforces the Gemini Electric Motor to slow in r.p.m. (revolutions per minute) the amount of amps drawn will be correspondingly reduced, unlike all other electric motors, which will draw large amounts of amps even though r.p.m. have reduced, and motor efficiency is falling sharply. This property of using permanent magnets both sides of the energized coils appears to choke the amount of electric current being drawn. Making the use of the common deep cycle lead acid battery a viable application, with the use of household electricity for recharging.

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