Real Time Instrument Cluster On Mobile

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Real Time Instrument Cluster On Mobile

Innovation in the field of smart cars is rampant given the current advancement in technologies. Digitizing the instrument cluster is gaining popularity with new feature added in every release of a newer version. Real time monitor uses the facility of cloud connectivity to access the instrument cluster details of vehicles from any device connected to the cloud. This aids in accessing details of multiple vehicles at a time for monitoring their performance.

Aiding the driver with safety and comfort is the top priority for digitizing instrument cluster. Moving a step further we provide real time accessibility of instrument cluster from any device anywhere by uploading the real time information of the cluster into cloud. Cluster details of multiple automotive connected to the cloud, streams data into personal mobile with the exact design and graphical look as seen in the automobile.

Application in Varied Fields
Commercial applications include monitoring of cargo trucks by trucking company for the performance of each of their vehicles on road.
Personal use of real time instrument cluster will come handy when; drivers with disability can be monitored by their family members from home.
In the area of entertainment real time cluster will aid in monitoring racing cars so they can be signaled for maintenance while on track.

Device Support
Any device connected to the cloud and interfaced with the automobile can avail this feature. Mobile phone, tabs, computers, etc. supports the real time monitor of instrument cluster.

Benefits of Real Time Monitor
1. Remote access to multiple vehicle information.
2. Fast data access and response.
3. High resolution multimedia interface.
4. Warning systems can send and receive emergency alarms for immediate help.


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